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At Golden Rule Karate & Fitness, we want to help you and your family reach your goals. If your goal is to learn a martial art or self-defense, our Isshinryu karate program will teach you traditional Okinawan karate with a variety of modern practical applications.

Train with weights or do cardio on your own schedule in our 24/7 adult gym.

Come in to try one or all of the programs.

2 Week

Includes Uniform

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26 Wall Street Oxford, NJ 07863
(908) 453-2129

Free weights, Nautilus, and treadmills in the gym. Heavy bags and exercise bands in the Fitness Center.

Evening Conditioning/Kickboxing Class resuming in the spring.

26 Wall Street Oxford, NJ 07863
(908) 453-2129
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It's an amazing moment when you realize the only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself

 This organization unites all Isshinryu Dojos. We look to provide assistance to any dojo that looks to grow its understanding of bunkai, kumite, weapons, self defense and better business procedures to keep those doors open during these difficult financial times.

  This organization also offers great programs for students that enjoy competition and going to seminars. The American Isshinryu Points Challenge is just such an event. As a member you earn points when participating in AI recognized tournaments and approved seminars. You also earn more points when you place in the top 3 at these tournaments. At the end of the year there is an awards banquet where these members are recognized for there dedication and effort.

Click on the button to become an American Isshinryu member. 

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& Saturday Mornings


Juniors 5:30pm White - Orange 2

Juniors 6:30pm Green and Up

Teen/Adult 7:30pm



Adults 9:00am 

PeeWee 6:00pm

Juniors 6:30pm

Teen/Adult 7:30



Juniors 5:30pm

Juniors/Teen/Adult 6:30pm

Focus Class 7:30pm 



Adults 9:00am

PeeWee 6:00pm

Juniors 6:30pm

Teen/Adult 7:30



Juniors/Teen/Adult 9:00am-10:30am

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American Isshinryu Safe Student self evaluation. Its a no cost short quiz that helps promote best practices concerning health and cleanliness for martial arts practitioners.  Click on either image to get started.

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