Karate Programs Have A 2 Week Free Trial

PeeWee Program

Our PeeWee program is for children 3-5 years in age. This program works on developing basic skills in mental focus and coordination along with foundational martial arts skills.

Class times are

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Junior Karate Program


Our Junior Karate program is for children 6-12 years of age. This program focuses heavily on Isshinryu Karate and associated skill sets. Students are encouraged to participate in martial art seminars, tournaments, and training camps.

Class times are

Monday & Wednesday


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday




Teen / Adult Karate Program

This program is open to ages 13 through adult. This is an Isshinryu karate program. All skills associated with Isshinryu karate will be taught in this program. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to attend a few seminars, tournaments, and camps that our school supports each year. Students in this program will also receive weapons training at each appropriate rank level at no additional cost. Adult students 18 and over may use our fitness gym at no additional cost. 

             Class times are

Tuesday & Thursday


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday






24/7 Gym Membership

Our fitness gym is a 24/7 fitness facility geared towards adults. We have treadmill, elliptical, and bikes along with Nautilus equipment and free weights. We take great pride in the condition of our facility. We have television, radio, and free WIFI for all gym members. We also have lockers and free use of towels.

Available hours for members


Call or Register For Trial


Strength Training 


This program is for people 17 and over. We spend time training in the gym doing a combination of lower and upper body resistance and weight training exercises. Followed by cardio work on the free standing heavy bags or working with a partner using hand targets. This class is like no other combination class you've taken before. Stop in and start your 30 day free trial.

Class Times are



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