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Doors Open at 8:30 am. for Black Belts

9 am. Black Belt Meeting 

9:45 am Adult Black Belts Compete

9:30 am Registration begins for 8 years old and younger

10:30 am Registration begins for 9 -12 years old

11:30 am Registration begins 13 through adults

Please be on time for your set registration time.

We hope to start each group 30 minutes from the

registration start time.

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2021 Tri-State Golden Rule

Karate Championship

Date:  July 25th 2021



Meadow Breeze Park

40 Meadow Breeze Ln,

Washington, NJ 07882

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  Golden Rule Karate and Fitness would like to extend an invitation to you to our

17th Annual Karate Tournament on July 25th 2021


  For everyone that has attended before, thank you for your support.  For anyone attending for your first time, here are a few things you should know. We start on time. Un-sportsman-like conduct will not be tolerated. Only staff, judges, competitors, and staged competitors are allowed on the competition floor. This makes for a safer and smoother running event. We have 1st – 4th place trophies for each of the three main competition events. We also have three male and three female Grand Champion trophies 13-15-year old, 16-17-year old and 18 and up. New for 2018 is the empty hand kata Grand Championship. Male and Female competitors will be combined for this. The age brackets will be the same as the Kumite Grand Championship.


  If you or any of your students are able to attend, it is strongly recommended that you pre-register.  This will not only save some money for the entrant, but it will also help us better organize the event.  To pre-register, simply copy and complete the attached registration form and mail it to our dojo here in Oxford. You can also register on our website at www.njkarate.org. If you choose the mail method, please make sure you have signed the form and made the check payable to Golden Rule Karate. 


  This is a NO contact to the face tournament with all rings having five judges.  All competitors are required to wear their school’s traditional uniform.  No one without a gi will be allowed on the competition floor. All competitors participating in kumite must wear a complete set of equipment, which includes:  mouthpiece, headgear, footgear (must cover toes) and hand gear (must cover fingers).  Male competitors must wear a protective cup! Competitor must be properly equipped before their match begins. Failure to be properly equipped may result in disqualification. Absolutely no coaching will be allowed and will result in disqualification of the competitor.


These rules are for the safety of all competitors and will be strictly enforced.  If there are any questions, please contact me here at (908) 453-2129.

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules 2021

General Rules of Conduct


  1. Proper martial arts uniforms are required to be worn by both competitors and judges.  The attire must be neat and clean.

  2. Judges’ decisions are final.

  3. Only black belts that understand the rules will be permitted to judge.

  4. Coaching of any competitor in the ring is not permitted, and may lead to disqualification.

  5. Spectators are not permitted on the competition floor.

  6. Failure to abide by the rules may result in disqualification and ejection. All disputes are to be taken to the designated arbitrator.

Kata/Form Rules

  1. Each ring will have five judges.  The minimum possible points awarded to a competitor is 30; the maximum is 40.  Each judge will score in a range from 6 to 8 points, with partial points of .1, .3, .5, .7 and .9.

  2. Kata will be judged on precision of stance, technique, power, intensity, and fluidity of movement.

  3. Competitors must approach judges, bow and present themselves, then move back into the ring to begin.  Upon completion of kata, the first three competitors will bow out of the ring, to be called back for scoring after the third kata.  Each subsequent competitor will be scored upon completion of his or her kata.

  4. For summation of final score, the high and low score of each competitor will be dropped from the total.  In the event of a tie, the lowest score will be added back in first. If tie remains; do the same with the highest.  If there is still a tie, the affected competitors will perform a tiebreaker. 

  5. In weapons kata if a weapon is dropped or malfunctions the competitor may continue if possible, but will be awarded the lowest possible score.

  6. All 1st place empty hand winners 13 years of age and over will have the opportunity to compete in a Grand Champion division. The two lowest ranks in each age division will face off first. The loser is done the winner stays and goes against the next rank. There will be no break between matches. If there is a returning grand champion they will go last. Novice requires 1 form. Intermediate 2 forms, and advanced 3 forms.


Kumite/Sparring Rules

  1. NO contact to the face will be permitted (under adult Black Belt).  Only light, non-malicious body contact is allowed.  No techniques to joints of the body (knees, elbows, etc.), the groin, neck or spine are allowed. If contact below the belt is made and a technique immediately following in the same combination is thrown to a score-able target, that point will be disallowed. Light contact to the head gear will be allowed. Striking the face will continue to be considered contact and may result in disqualification on majority contact call. Face shield is part of the headgear.

  2. Drawing of blood results in immediate disqualification. Will not require a majority call.

  3. All competitors must wear a mouthpiece and foam safety gear for head, hands, and feet.  A groin protector is mandatory for male competitors, and recommended for females. Competitors must be properly equipped at the time their division starts.

  4. Disrespecting and/or arguing with judges by competitors or spectators will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification and ejection from the event.

  5. Competitors will bow to the head judge, to each other, take ready position, and begin on the head judge’s command.

  6. The first fighter to receive 3 points wins the match. Final Grand Champion match is 5 points

  7. Only full points will be awarded, no half points.

  8. Each point and contact call must be made by a majority of judges.  There will be no warning for contact; upon a majority contact call the fighter will be disqualified from the current match, to be designated as the loser of that match.

  9. Valid target areas include the front of the torso above the belt, the head, and any side region of the torso. The back and back of the head only if the opponent has turned his or her back on the competitor.

  10. No sweeping permitted.

  11. All 1st place kumite winners 13 years of age and over will have the opportunity to compete in a Grand Champion division, the last match of which will be decided by 5 points. The two lowest ranks in each age division will face off first. The loser is done the winner stays and fights the next rank. There will be no break between matches. If there is a returning grand champion they will fight last

Demo Team Rules

Demo Team Starts at 10am.

2. All Demo Teams Must report with all members present by 9:45am.

3. All Demo Teams will be between 3 and 7 members.

4. $35.00 Pre Paid Entry Fee.

5. No Music during competition.

Division Breakdown

   Boys & Girls 8 years old & under

Weapons Kata

1.         Novice

2.         Intermediate

3.         Advanced


Boys & Girls 9-11 years old

Weapons Kata

4.          Novice

5.         Intermediate

6.         Advanced


Boys & Girls 12-14 Years Old

Weapons Kata

7.         Novice

8.          Intermediate

9.         Advanced


Boy & Girls 15-17 Years Old

Weapons Kata

10.      Novice

11.      Intermediate

12.      Advanced



Boys & Girls 6 years old & Under

Empty Hand Kata

13.      Novice

14.      Intermediate

15.      Advanced


Girls 6 years old & Under


16.      Novice

17.      Intermediate

18.      Advanced


Boys 6 years old & Under


19.      Novice

20.      Intermediate

21.      Advanced



Boys & Girls 7 & 8 Years Old

Empty Hand Kata

22.      Novice

23.      Intermediate

24.      Advanced


Girls 7 & 8 years old


25.      Novice

26.      Intermediate

27.      Advanced


Boys 7 & 8 years old


28.      Novice

29.      Intermediate

30.      Advanced


Boys & Girls 9 & 10 Years Old

Empty Hand Kata

31.      Novice

32.      Intermediate

33.      Advanced


Girls 9 & 10 years old


34.      Novice

35.      Intermediate

36.      Advanced


Boys 9 & 10 years old


37.      Novice

38.      Intermediate

39.      Advanced




















Boys & Girls 11 & 12 Years Old

Empty Hand Kata

40.      Novice

41.      Intermediate

42.      Advanced


Girls 11 & 12 years old


43.      Novice

44.      Intermediate

45.      Advanced


Boys 11 & 12 years old


46.      Novice

47.      Intermediate

48.      Advanced



Boys & Girls 13 & 15 Years Old

Empty Hand Kata

49.      Novice

50.      Intermediate

51.      Advanced


Girls 13 & 15 years old


52.      Novice

53.      Intermediate

54.      Advanced


Boys 13 & 15 years old


55.      Novice

56.      Intermediate

57.      Advanced



Boys & Girls 16 & 17 Years Old

Empty Hand Kata

58.      Novice

59.      Intermediate

60.      Advanced


Girls 16 & 17 years old


61.      Novice

62.      Intermediate

63.      Advanced


Boys 16 & 17 years old


64.      Novice

65.      Intermediate

66.      Advanced

Pavilion 2.jpg

Men & Women 18 - 34 Years Old

Empty Hand Kata

67.      Novice

68.      Intermediate

69.      Advanced


Men & Women 18 - 34 Years Old

Weapons Kata

70.      Novice

71.      Intermediate

72.      Advanced


Women 18-34 years old


73.      Novice

74.      Intermediate

75.      Advanced


Men 18-34 years old


76.      Novice

77.      Intermediate

78.      Advanced

Men & Women 35- 49 Years Old

Empty Hand Kata

79.      Novice

80.      Intermediate

81.      Advanced


Men & Women 35- 49 Years Old

Weapons Kata

82.      Novice

83.      Intermediate

84.      Advanced



Women 35-49 years old


85.      Novice

86.      Intermediate

87.      Advanced


Men 35-49 years old


88.      Novice

89.      Intermediate

90.      Advanced



Men & Women 50 and over

Empty Hand Kata

91.      Novice

92.      Intermediate

93.      Advanced


Men & Women 50 and over

Weapons Kata

94.      Novice

95.      Intermediate

96.      Advanced



Women 50 and over


97.      Novice

98.      Intermediate

99.      Advanced


Men 50 and over


100.    Novice

101.    Intermediate

102.    Advanced



Black Belt Weapons

Men and Women

103.    18-34 Years old 1-2nd Dan

104.    18-34 3rd and over

105.    35-49 Years old 1-3rd Dan

106.    35-49 4th and over

107.    50 and over 1-3rd Dan

108.    4th and over


Black Belt Empty Hand Kata

Men and Women

109.    18-34 Years old 1-2nd Dan

110.    3rd and over

111.    35-49 Years old 1-3rd Dan

112.    4th and over

113.    50 and over 1-3rd Dan

114.    4th and over


Black Belt Kumite


115.    18-34 Years old

116.    35-49 Years old

117.    50 and over


Black Belt Kumite


118.    18-34 Years old

119.    35-49 Years old

120.    50 and over